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Making the most of a balcony garden

With the arrival of summer, spending time outside on your balcony or patio lets your mind wander to plans of how to make this “extra” area a mini oasis. Adding plants and accessories specially sized to this space is easier than you think. Read on for ideas on how to make the most of your…

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Stuck in your apartment? Try these boredom-busting ideas!

Whether you’re in quarantine because you’ve recently traveled or had interaction with a sick person, or you’ve been sick yourself, or simply because you’re heeding governmental and medical professionals’ suggestions, keeping busy in your apartment can be a challenge. While there are lots of ideas on the internet for ways to break the boredom cycle,…

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Maximizing storage in small spaces

One of the universal truths of apartment living (or, honestly, living just about anywhere in an urban area) is that there never seems to be enough space for storage. Whether your apartment is a sprawling three-bedroom townhouse or a minimalist studio, finding a place to tuck away your stuff when it’s not in use can…

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