How to host a big get-together in a small space

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One of the best ways to enjoy the company of others is to throw a party in your own space. By designing the menu, the music, or even a fun and unique theme, you can bring together friends you truly enjoy in a relaxed setting, and create long-lasting positive memories. But how do you throw the perfect party that still can fit inside the sometimes limited-space of an apartment or townhome? These ideas will get you started!

1. Make your space work double- or triple-time

When is a sink not “just” a sink? When it can double as an ice chest for drinks or chilled appetizers! As you plan your party, map out the main areas where guests will congregate, and consider how you can maximize your space. That coffee table could be a second dining table, especially if you pull it out and surround it with pillows. The stairs that lead to your (off-limits) second floor could be an easy location for plates, utensils and cups. Bonus tip: label drink cups with your guests’ names in advance—and maybe include a fun fact to break the ice of meeting new people.

2. Go for a streamlined party space

If you’re starting out with a small space, keep extraneous décor to a minimum—think one or two large statement-making pops of color, and that’s it. Fussy, bulky streamers or even balloons can make your space seem smaller than it should. And if you really want to go streamlined, identify the few rooms your guests will be in, and move everything out of those rooms you can, temporarily storing the extra items in your bedroom, closet, or other out-of-the-way area. Opening up the space a little and rearranging your furniture for the most party-friendly flow will make a huge difference!

3. Make the most of your ceiling and walls

If you are looking to spruce up your living space to create a party atmosphere, keep an eye on areas that are out of common foot traffic. Fairy lights hung across the ceiling, temporary wallpaper or wall decals, or even balloons hung high above your guests’ heads can create a festive air without blocking anyone’s movement.

4. Maximize your menu

Rather than choosing a fussy menu with lots of separate parts, or stocking your fridge with a multitude of beers or liquor mixers, consider creating “signature” meal and a couple of drink combinations specifically for your party. One or two large carafes filled with a fun, fruity concoction (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) will satisfy a crowd without overloading your refrigerator. And easy-to eat, hand-friendly menu items like fruit kabobs, roll-ups, veggie tartlets, or mini stuffed peppers will keep your guests well fed while helping you ensure your space stays neat and tidy.

5. Set up your refreshments strategically

Who says everything needs to be served in the kitchen? By splitting up your food stations and creating refreshment locations in unexpected places—on a coffee table, a cleared bookshelf, or even on the balcony—you can encourage guests to mix and mingle as they graze their way through the party. Bonus tip: invest in a few tiered trays and risers to present food with vertical access points, and fill these with brightly colored food items to draw the eye and add to the festivity!

Throwing the perfect party doesn’t require acres of space and a huge budget. With a resourceful attitude and a few tweaks to the menu, décor, and the layout of your space, you will deliver a fantastic party experience for you and your guests!

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