How to create the perfect craft space for you

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Over the past year, many of us had extra time on our hands, as well as a need to stay indoors. For some, that extra time and energy to burn resulted in a full-on love affair with craft projects. But how do you find the space to store all the supplies you’ve accumulated, while still allowing yourself plenty of room to create? These tips will help you get started.

  1. Assess your space and crafting passion (honestly!)

As you consider creating dedicated space for your crafting, take the time to go over every project for which you have accumulated supplies, and determine if it's something you want to continue. You may WANT to knit, make jewelry, paint watercolors, cross stitch, and create custom greeting cards…or you may find that a few of those activities no longer interest you. Choose the ones that mean the most to you, and let the others go. (This means donating all those supplies the first chance you get, too!)

You also may find that honestly assessing the available space you want your crafts to occupy in your apartment helps you make this decision. If you have just one small corner for all of your crafting supplies and your workspace, then assembling model cars or quilting may not be an ideal choice for you. The best combination is a craft that makes you happy, and one that also doesn't take over every square inch of available space in your apartment.

  1. Assemble your supplies

Once you have identified the craft you want to make room for, assemble all your supplies in one space. Will you want to keep all these materials within arm’s reach, or can some be tucked away most of the time? Only you know what works best for your particular needs. Once you have identified all the craft tools and supplies you will need to keep within easy reach, it's time to select your ideal crafting location.

  1. Choose your studio space

Many of us began our crafting adventure in a common area, like the kitchen table or living room couch. But is this the best choice for you long term? In assessing your ideal craft location, choose a space that is near natural light, has comfortable seating, and offers plenty of wall space as well as room for a table, depending on what your specific craft requires. You could find that your ideal location remains at the kitchen table, possibly with a rolling cart that you can pull into place when you are ready to craft. Or you may find that your projects are better suited to a room with a door on it, say a spare bedroom that also doubles as your home office, so you can get as messy as you need to without having the clutter spill into your main living area.

  1. Set up dedicated work and storage space

No matter how much space you have to work with, setting up dedicated space that is only for your crafting can be a really good idea. You will want enough table space for your specific craft that always stays clear, as well as neat, easy-to-see and reach bins, cubbies or shelves for your craft materials. Map out the floorspace and wall space you can dedicate to your craft—and remember to leave yourself some elbow room! Feeling crowded by your supplies does not make for happy crafting.

  1. Get creative!

With a quick search on Google or Pinterest, you will find more storage options then you know what to do with, including DIY pegboard cubby systems, cute rolling shelves or drawers, and basket or bin combinations that you can mix and match to your heart's desire. Just remember to leave plenty of open space! And no matter what you choose, be proud that you’re continuing to make time to create. Happy crafting!

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