Ready to Spring clean your apartment? We’ve got you covered

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With Spring just around the corner, you may have opened your blinds to let the sun shine in a bit more…only to realize that the winter has taken a toll on your apartment. We’re here to help! From dusting and furniture rearranging to some significant deep cleaning, this room by room list will help you get your apartment sparkling again in no time.


When in doubt, start with your kitchen—it’s the room you arguably spend the most time in, and it can be absolutely transformed by a solid cleaning. Before you do anything, clear as much off your counters as possible, and try to figure out how to keep your counters clear—even if you end up storing some items in other rooms! A clean, open kitchen can make a huge difference in your mood.

Then, get to work on your appliances, cleaning them inside and out—taking out shelves and wiping down the interior surfaces as well. Empty out your fridge (and your freezer too!) of all those food items you never quite got around to eating and discard anything that has expired or seems unappealing. Get a pro-level degreaser to clean off your cabinet doors and backsplash, and dust every surface—the tops of your cabinets, the front and top of your refrigerator, your microwave, even your shelves! Then it’s a matter of wiping down your walls and baseboards, mopping the floors, and you’re done!

Living Room/Hallways

Some apartments open directly into a living area, some have a foyer or short hallway—either way, these areas receive some of the heaviest traffic of anywhere in your apartment. Start by picking up anything washable and throwing it into the laundry—slip covers, blankets, pillows, throw rugs, even curtains—or giving these items a thorough cleaning. Next, tackle the dust. Dust and polish your furniture, blinds, window sills, curtain rods, ceiling fans, lamp shades, electronics, artwork…you will be amazed at how much dust has accumulated on every surface in this area. Wipe down walls and baseboards too if you notice cobwebs and gathered grime. After you’ve eliminated the dust, vacuum your sofa, chairs, floors, carpets and anything that isn’t washable.

Pro Level Tip #1: Wash those windows! Whether yours open to the outdoors or not, deep clean any surface you can reach to let the sun shine in.


For your bedroom, in addition to dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down walls, side tables, ceiling fans and electronics—consider washing all your linens, including your curtains, bed skirt, and mattress pad. These items collect a lot of dust over the months, and are rarely cleaned. Vacuum under your bed and nightstands too, and don’t forget to wipe down those baseboards!


Chances are, your bathrooms are in pretty good shape—this is not an area that generally needs a seasonal cleaning! Still, you can take this opportunity to deep clean your cabinets, discarding items you haven’t used in the last several months (and likely won’t use), and deciding what you truly need to keep in this room on a regular basis. Deep clean every surface (tile grout, fixtures, mirrors, vanity, sinks, toilets, tub) and wipe down the walls and baseboards as well. It’s a small room, so spend some time on it!


Pro Level Tip #2: If you keep containers on your countertop, consider emptying them out and tossing them into the dishwasher for a thorough clean…those makeup, toiletry and brush holders probably need it.

Safety First

In addition to all the dusting and cleaning, Spring is an excellent time to make sure your apartment’s safety features are up to date. Use this time to test and replace smoke alarm batteries, replace air filters for your furnace, update light bulbs throughout your home as needed, clean air vents/registers and your laundry filter, and update your batteries in any security systems that aren’t hard wired.

Here’s to a healthy (and sparkling clean!) Spring!

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