Design 101: Easy tricks to make your living space feel larger

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As we come to the end of our first full year living in pandemic conditions, with many of us working and/or learning from home at remote workstations, we truly know the value of a bright, open space. If you’re looking for ideas on how you can update your snug apartment into rooms with a light and airy feel, you’ve come to the right place!

Raise your curtains high

Window hardware is now easier than ever to move and/or reinstall, especially with the use of Command-Hook type wall hangings. To give the impression of taller-than-average walls, mount your curtains high, near the ceiling, and opt for long, draping sheers that emphasize the vertical lines of your room.

Maximize your shelf space

Speaking of vertical lines, consider installing shelves high up, too—once again, almost all the way to the ceiling! You’ll want to keep these high shelves neat and tidy, but they are a perfect storage solution for items you don’t need all the time, and they’ll keep your living area far less cluttered. An uncluttered room is not only soothing to the eye, it naturally feels bigger than a room of the same size that is packed full.

NOTE: Because design likes to be contrary, another choice to consider is to only hang artwork/shelves/mirrors on the wall at the midpoint or lower, keeping lots of open space up high. See which solution works better for you!

Choose furniture that fits the space

While this solution is not ideal for an apartment you’re not going to live in long, if you have found your perfect apartment home—one you plan to live in for more than a few years—consider swapping out that old, hand-me-down furniture for pieces that truly fit your rooms. You’ll be amazed at how proportional furniture makes every room seem larger and more finished. How do you know if your furniture is too big? If it is too close to the other furniture in the room or is pressed up against the room’s walls or ceilings, chances are it’s overwhelming your space. Downsize for a more airy feel.

Go minimalist—and shine on

For a modern look that could really work for certain spaces, consider taking away all the drapes and rugs from your space, and using the bare minimum of furniture. This can end up looking a little stark (not to mention cold), so this idea may work better for apartment homes in very warm climates. Another option is to keep the curtains but use very light, sheer fabrics to emphasize the natural light that flows into the room.

Speaking of lights, employing bright, welcoming lights (whether in cool or warm white, depending on your style) is a tried and true technique to make a room feel more expansive. Darkness and shadows tend to press in on a room, so keep things bright to feel big.

What ideas have you discovered to make a room feel bigger? Take those solutions and try them out in rooms beyond the living area—like bathrooms, bedrooms and your kitchen—to bring a breath of fresh air to your entire apartment!

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