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Whether you’ve just moved into your new apartment, you’ve lived in an apartment or townhome community for awhile, or you’re considering making the jump to apartment living, here’s a hint: you’ll love your community even more if you start making connections with other residents! The idea of putting yourself out there to meet new people can be daunting, however, so here are four quick ideas to get you started.

Make it a priority—and start right away!

It’s easy to get into the habit of heading straight up to your apartment when you get home after work—or dashing to your car when you’re ready to leave, even if there are other people around. But if you set a goal to meet one new person a day, you’ll find you’ll have more opportunities than you expect! However, make it a priority to reach out the first time you come into contact with someone, vs. letting a few weeks go by without saying a word to them. If you’ve already been in your community for awhile, no problem! The next tip is tailor made for you.

Take advantage of pre-planned social events

Many communities have weekly or monthly social events that take place in their clubhouses, specifically created to help residents get to know each other. Even better, you know that, like you, anyone else attending actually such an event wants to make new connections. This way, you don’t have to worry about seeming too forward when you introduce yourself. In addition to events arranged by apartment management, communities also sometimes have a general bulletin board or Facebook page where residents can post information about upcoming parties, or athletic/social events. Make it a point to check with your community’s office staff to see what options your community provides!  


Make the most of your community’s amenities


Does your community have a pool, fitness facility, walking path, or sports courts? If so, you’ve got another avenue to meet like-minded residents. Hit the gym or the walking path and introduce yourself with residents who appear to be interested in the same sports you do. If you’re just getting started with a particular sport, such as tennis, ask if they know of any “beginner-level” players who might want to meet for a game…or, if you’re more advanced, see if they might want to drill or play a quick pickup game sometime. In addition, some communities have organized leagues in various sports. If so, you’ll definitely want to check those out! 

Start your own group

Interested in books? Love painting watercolors or doing crafts? Know everything it takes to create a killer fantasy football league? Don’t wait to find your people, get them to come to you! If your community has opportunities for meet-ups that residents organize (you can find out by contacting your office staff), follow their guidelines and start a community book club or crafting circle, or recruit for a fantasy football league. Don’t despair if it takes awhile to get started—good friendships are worth taking some time to cultivate.

Above all, congratulations on following up on your interest in getting out and meeting new people! Making connections with people your neighbors can help you become part of a robust and vital apartment community.

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