A Decorator’s Take 5: Supercharge your space with color

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Decorating small spaces helps you focus on what matters most to you—so you can surround yourself with things that make you smile. Now you can take your design acumen to the next level, by choosing colors that go the extra distance to improve your home’s energy.

According to the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, certain colors help attract energy to your living space, and by using these colors consciously, you can draw the things you want into your life. Why not give it a try the next time you’re shopping for throw pillows or curtains?

Get your calm on with Blue

The colors Blue and Black are associated with water energy, and make great choices for anyone who wants to focus on meditation, contemplation, and creativity. While Blue is the perfect choice to create a calm, private space, Black is considered a fantastic color for stimulating your career. Additional Feng Shui tip: your entryway is an ideal area for career energy, so consider putting something Black in this space (such as a floor mat or a wrought iron mirror on the wall) to amplify your career fortune even more

Grow your fortune with Green

Linked to wood energy, Green is the ideal color to focus on growth, decision-making, and taking action on your most cherished dreams. The color of health and vitality, it’s also associated with abundance and can help you motivate yourself to make the changes you need to improve your life. After all, Green means go!

Heat things up with Red

Not surprisingly, Red is known for its connection with fire and life energy—and it’s also a tried-and-true favorite for bringing romance into your world. Add a bit of Red to any room in your home where you want to rev up your mood. Additional Feng Shui tip: As you consider your home, think about the section of your space that’s against the back wall and all the way to the right. Is that room a bedroom? Living room? Kitchen? That area is considered the “romance” section of your home! Add a little Red to this space to attract loving relationships to you.

Sunny days are here with Yellow

Associated with earth energy, Yellow can cheer you up, infuse you and your space with hope, and take your mind to a higher level. It’s considered particularly helpful for any space where you need to be very focused. So next time you take a look at your desk area, consider adding some bright Yellow to the mix!

White is for creativity and hope

The color White as well as metallic colors are associated with mental energy—as well as a certain playfulness that emphasizes fun and creativity. Add White to any room where you want to add purity and hope to your thoughts!

Decorating is about the whole look—finding the right item to fit your space and your lifestyle, in a color that brings you joy. And now you know how to make that color bring you abundance, romance and career success too. With these ideas as your guideline, go forth and Decorate!

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