How to Beat the Summer Heat!

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Summer is here, and for most of the country, that means a return to long, hot summer days that can put a serious dent in your electricity bill—and make you feel trapped inside, tied to your air conditioner. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Summer can be a wonderful time to reconnect with fresh air and sunshine—here are some ways to get started.

Keep your body cool and hydrated

During the summer, we all tend to perspire more, which means you need to pay extra attention to hydrating effectively. Water is the best choice, but any drink without caffeine or a lot of chemical additives can help! In addition to drinking more water, consider changing up your clothing style to looser, thinner materials that breathe, such as cotton. The more comfortable—and cool!—you feel, the better your body can adjust to rising temperatures.

Have it made in the shade

One of the easiest ways for it to lower the temperature in your home is to close your blinds when the sun is directly hitting your windows—especially if this is during a part of the day when you’ll be at work or running errands. Blocking the sun’s powerful rays can reduce the strain on your air conditioner and keep your home feeling like a cool oasis, no matter how hot it gets outside.   

Enjoy those long summer evenings

With the days getting longer and the sun setting much later, why not try switching up your exercise routine from early morning to early evening? It’s a great time to enjoy long walks along nature trails or to visit metro parks, as both are usually less crowded. Add to that the cooler temperatures and usually breezier conditions, and it’s a perfect time to get outdoors!

Did someone say “pool”?

One of the best amenities of most larger apartment communities during the summertime is, of course, the pool! Take advantage of yours, whether you get in a morning swim when the pool first opens, drop by for a quick refreshing dip after your work day, or enjoy the later hours of the pool’s operation. Even a short plunge will lower your body temperature and melt away the day’s stress, making you feel like a kid again. Even better, swimming is great exercise, easy on your joints and good for your heart.

Hit the gym (especially if you’re new to working out!)

What’s one of the best times to join a gym, or to get the most out of your community’s fitness center? That’s right, summertime! Most die-hard exercisers venture outside during the warmer months, which means that fitness centers are often far less crowded, giving you access to the best machines as you figure out what kind of exercise regimen works best for you. You might even try a few fitness classes if your community offers them, knowing that you’ll get more personal attention with a smaller group. Even better, by working out in an air-conditioned environment near plenty of water, you can monitor your body’s reactions to exercise more easily than if you are battling weather elements too. Then, once fall rolls around and indoor fitness centers get more crowded, you’ll feel far more comfortable hitting the gym no matter how busy it is! 

Summer doesn’t mean you have to suffer through your own personal heat wave. By working with the season and making choices that support your body’s needs, you can enjoy the long hot days and cool summer nights all summer long. 

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