Come on over! How to host guests in a small apartment

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One of the most enjoyable parts of setting up your own apartment is knowing that if one (or several!) of your friends need to spend the night, you can accommodate them. But if you live in a small space or you share your space with roommates, it can be challenging to host overnight guests without feeling cramped—especially if they plan to stay for longer than a few days. Not to worry! Just follow these easy tips to help you make the process smooth for you and enjoyable for your guest.

Clean, organize and clear out your space!

If you know in advance that guests will be coming, use their visit as an excuse to clean your apartment thoroughly and get rid of anything you know you don’t need. The less you have in the apartment, the more space you’ll have to move around when guests arrive. Go all out: toss the junk mail, wipe down all surfaces, vacuum the floor and shake out the curtains. Merely having a little less “stuff” in your space will make you feel lighter and better prepared to take on a guest—and you’ll be able to introduce your home to others in the best condition possible.

Also, take a moment to clear space for the guest. A drawer in a chest near their bed, an extra chair for them to use as a makeshift luggage rack, empty hangers in a closet, and even designated space in the bathroom can really create a homey touch.

Invest in an air mattress

If you don’t already have a sleeper sofa or futon, invest in an air mattress that quickly inflates and deflates to provide your guest with a comfortable night’s rest that doesn’t require much space. Today’s air mattresses can be set up and taken down in no time, allowing you to whisk away the bedding into your room or a closet until it’s needed again. You’ll also want to set up the air mattress in an ideal location. If it’s in your main living space, consider snugging it up against a wall, near a light and electrical outlet. Nearly everyone has electronic devices to charge overnight, so having a charging station near the bed will be very much appreciated!

Stock up on bathroom necessities

One of the more whimsical but fun aspects of staying at a hotel is the little tray of sample-sized bath products waiting for you in the bathroom. Why not replicate this idea for your guests? For just a few dollars, this welcoming gesture is long on charm and short on cost—and will save you a last-minute run to the drug store for toothpaste or shampoo.

Stock up on easy-to-eat snacks, drinks and breakfast foods

While you’ll likely be eating most of your shared meals out, especially if your guest is only on hand for a few days or if you have a whole apartment full of guests, it’s a great idea to stock up on energy bars, snack chips, bagels and cream cheese, six-packs of soda or juice and bottled water to have some easy-access food on hand for your guest, particularly something that won’t spoil right away or take up too much space.

Hosting overnight guests can be a fantastic way for you to shake up your routine, reconnect with friends, and share your favorite neighborhood haunts with new people—and it gives you an excuse to deep clean your apartment! With just a little planning, you can make sure it’s an easy and fun experience for all.

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