Decorating your apartment for spring!

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Decorating your apartment for spring

For many parts of the country, it’s taken a little longer for spring to decide it’s here to stay. Now that flowers and trees are finally blooming, the days are staying warmer longer, and everything is fresh and new outside…it’s time for you to bring some of that great energy into your apartment. And not just to pay your respects to the season, either. Studies have shown that the drab, dark colors of winter can dramatically affect your mood once the chilly months have passed, and that adding some pops of color to your environment can truly help energize you.

Stumped on how to begin your spring apartment makeover? Start with these easy ideas!

1. Add some flower power

Whether you have a green thumb or the closest you like to get to nature are wooden tulip cutouts, nothing says spring like brightly blooming flowers. If you’re feeling ambitious, invest in a few live flowering plants to add to your kitchen counter, dining room table or window sills. Otherwise, consider posting pictures of flowers, picking up some inexpensive wall or table décor at a thrift market, or even spray painting gardening equipment like trowels and watering cans with bright colors to create a spring focal point for your living room. Everything counts!

2. Get colorful

Speaking of color, look for ways to easily add fun, fresh, spring-like color to your space without breaking the bank. Get a couple of new, bright throw pillows, switch out that heavy wool blanket over the couch with a light, open-weave afghan, or even paint an accent wall a cheerful bright color if your apartment community allows. Another option is to buy inexpensive plastic picnic-ware in fun colors to add some zip to your daily meals. Let your imagination wander to see how you can brighten every room in your home!

3. Lighten Up

Pull back those shades during the days and let the sun shine in! In most areas of the country, temperatures don’t get too hot during the months of spring, so enjoy the season to the fullest—and if you have a balcony or outdoor seating area, spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the longer, sunny evenings or the cool morning sunshine. Brightening up your interior spaces with natural sunlight might also encourage you to do some spring cleaning, so give into that urge to tidy up, and donate or discard those items you don’t truly love.

4. Brighten your balcony

Speaking of balconies, decorating your outdoor space is a great way to encourage yourself to get out and enjoy the mild weather more frequently. Adding a chair with inviting cushions and throw pillows as well as a small bistro table can be just the ticket to creating an outdoor oasis. Once again, get creative, and decorate with items that fit your lifestyle…don’t choose fussy furniture that can’t stand up to rain or too much sun unless you have covers at the ready to protect it during inclement weather.

5. Say goodbye to winter

If your apartment has extra storage space—say, beneath your bed or in the back of your closet—consider storing away all your heavy blankets, winter jackets and thick wool sweaters and jeans, so that every time you look inside your closets and drawers, all you see are the light, bright clothes suitable for the season. Pro Tip: If you find a sweater or jacket you haven’t worn all winter long…consider giving it away. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s wishing you an absolutely beautiful spring, and a colorful, bright apartment space to go with it!

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