What colors go where? An apartment decorating guide

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We all know that colors can impact mood, but when it comes to choosing colors for various rooms in your apartment, the choices can get overwhelming. If you’re thinking about incorporating colors in your apartment but don’t know where to start, this handy guide can help get your color plans on track.

Whites are for ceilings and small spaces

White corresponds with cleanliness, and for some can seem sterile or hospital-like, but white can serve an important role in apartment color combinations. Not only can white walls or ceilings make your home feel bigger and more open, it can have a calming effect on people living in those rooms. Not ready to go all-in on white? Consider adding a few white spaces to breathe serenity and contrast into a room.

Yellows are for kitchens (or rooms you want to be bright!)

Kitchens are a natural fit for the color yellow, as the hue brightens the mood and increases energy—something we all could use when stumbling into the kitchen for that first cup of coffee. If your kitchen is well-lit, yellow walls can help catch the sunlight and lighten the space even more. A softer yellow can be a good option for bedrooms, too, especially if you balance it with other calming colors.

Blues are for accent colors—not whole rooms

Blue is a very relaxing, soothing color that’s perfect for helping you feel more serene…but too much blue can result in a room that makes you feel chilly and even depressed. This is especially true of rooms without windows or those in a basement space. If you’re determined to incorporate blue into your color scheme, opt for lighter, warmer blues and match them up with warm complementary colors to make the room more inviting.

Going green? Head for the home office

Looking to add a little wealth, abundance, or the warm tones of nature to your space? Green is the color you want. It’s a lovely, restful color for the eyes and can help clear the mind and inspire serenity—without letting you get overly relaxed.

Power up your palette with purple

Purple can span the color wheel from deep and vibrant to the faintest lavender, but it’s a fantastic addition to nearly any room. Deep purples can add romance, mystery and luxury to a space, while lighter lilacs may be better suited to a bedroom or powder room. But get creative! A bold pop of purple may be just what your room needs to feel royal. (We’ll slide pink in here, too—a great color to induce calm and playfulness, but a little goes a long way in most spaces.)

Orange will get your toes tapping

Ready to add a burst of pizazz to your rooms? Think orange. This exciting color is perfect for home gyms, offices, or studios, but it might be a little high energy for bedrooms or areas dedicated to relaxation. Before you cover an entire space in orange, experiment with pops of orange in throw pillows or accent pieces.

Red is ready for a party (so you better be, too!)

Like blue, too much red can risk overwhelming a small space, so it’s best to use it as a color accent rather than blanketing a room in the color. That said, if you have a place that’s dedicated for socializing and celebration, an entire accent wall of red can make a bold and inviting statement.

Above all, color should be a joyful part of your decorating plan. Have fun, experiment, and may all your decorating dreams be bright!

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