Apartment Decorating 101: Bringing autumn indoors

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When it comes to decorating your apartment for the season, fall just may be the perfect muse. From savory scents to warm and cozy furnishings, hints of changing leaves and upcoming holiday celebrations, these quick and easy ideas can help you bring the crisp, mild days of autumn into your apartment in a snap!

1. Color an autumn palette

Consider your existing supply of throw pillows, blankets and furnishings, and see which ones evoke that fall feeling—warm burgundies, deep oranges, soft golds and rich browns. By intentionally pairing these pieces in certain corners of your apartment, you can create pops of fall in unexpected places, adding the warmth of the season to your home with intention.

2. Celebrate the seasonal holidays

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, autumn lends itself to fun decorating ideas, transitioning your apartment from dark and spooky nights with jars of candy corn gleaming from your shelves, to pumpkins and gourds and brilliantly colored leaves. But there are other events that are quintessentially fall that you can use for design inspiration: hayrides, apple festivals, and anything to do with the harvest are particularly rich. This doesn’t mean you have to turn your living room into a corn maze (It might get a little messy!) but a tabletop display of apples (real or decorative), beautifully colored corn cobs, and a scatter of straw paired with some richly scented candles could make for a lovely touch of fall.

3. Go all out with fall scents

Candle companies live for the scents of autumn, from warm vanilla and pumpkin spice, to rich cranberry, to crisp apple pie…the options are endless. Use tiny tealights that pack a major scent, or designate a candle “safe place” away from pets or anything that might catch fire. Some apartment homes aren’t keen on you burning candles, but there’s an easy solution there, too, with scent diffusers or home sprays that can bring all the best aromas of the season into your space.

4. Light up the night

As the days get shorter, decorating with light takes on more importance. Who says you have to wait for Christmas to bring out the fairy lights. Celebrate with bright orange mini-lights woven into your table display or door wreath, or trail strands of white lights over your balcony to ward off both the shadows and the chill. It’s a welcome sight both for you and your neighbors!

5. Get your baking mitts on

This last idea may not do wonders for your waistline, but fall is made for baking cookies, brownies, bread and other warm and delicious comfort food. Even if you end up making a gift of your yummy creations, the act of baking can be incredibly cathartic and nurturing…with the added bonus of making your entire apartment smell heavenly.

Fall is the perfect time of year for transforming your apartment into a haven of comfort, coziness, and warmth—so here’s to celebrating the season from your front door to your balcony! Happy fall!

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