Last-Minute Halloween Party? Scare up some quick and easy treats!

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One of the best ways to get to know your neighbors in your apartment community is to attend a holiday party—and one of the easiest holiday parties to prepare for is Halloween! Not only can you rock your party old school by bringing bite sized, pre-wrapped candy, but you can also impress your neighbors and newfound friends with treats that are both delicious and imaginative. No need to hit Pinterest for inspiration, we’ve got some spookily spectacular suggestions right here, no kitchen expertise required!

1. Batwing Peanut Butter Cups

For these fun and festive treats, assemble chocolate sandwich cookies, frosting, edible candy eyes and miniature peanut butter cups. First, remove any existing frosting from the backs of the sandwich cookies, then break each cookie side into two pieces, to create half-circle “bat wings.” Add a tiny bit of frosting to the cookies and affix the cookies to the unwrapped miniature peanut butter cups, rounded side up. Then just add two edible candy eyes and you’ve got a miniature bat party!

2. Monster Face Fruit Cups

Nothing could be easier than this! First, assemble a bowl full of grapes, several clear plastic juice cups, large marshmallows, and clear plastic wrap—and a black permanent marker. Then fill the bottom of each cup with a layer of grapes. Follow with two large marshmallows, placed on their side—these will be your monster’s “eyes”—and top with a final layer of grapes. Cover each plastic cup with plastic wrap, ideally the self-adhesive kind! Then it’s time to get creative. Draw funny faces on the side of the cup, making the marshmallows into googly-eyes and adding a goofy smile beneath.

3. Eye Popping Pudding Cups

Don’t put those plastic cups and markers away quite yet! Instead whip up several packets of colored pudding—ghostly white, ghoulish green, boo-tiful blue and pumpkin orange. Fill the clear plastic cups with the pudding, then use the markers to make spooky or funny faces on the sides of the plastic cups. For added interest, top the pudding cups in interesting ways—like using candy corn for ears or crushed chocolate cookies for a thick mop of hair. Have fun with it!

4. Wicked Witch’s Hats

At Halloween, you can never have too much chocolate. So gather the following for this indulgent treat: miniature unwrapped chocolate kisses, chocolate sandwich cookies (THIN Oreos® work best!), colored frosting (say, orange or green) and candy sprinkles. Assembly couldn’t easier: pipe a thin layer of frosting onto the cookie, press a chocolate kiss into the frosting, and dust with a layer of candy sprinkles! Hats off to you!

5. Spicy Sweet (c)Hex Mix

Okay, this one is for those of you who are truly looking for a last-minute save for your Halloween party—(c)Hex Mix for the win! Just purchase a bag of pre-made party mix (like Chex Mix®) and then add some Halloween delight: candy corn, unwrapped chocolate miniature candies or M&Ms, popcorn, nuts, whatever says Halloween to you! Bring this mix in a Halloween-themed bowl and some small plastic cups for serving and you’ll have your Halloween treat challenge solved.

This Halloween, don’t let a lack of time or cooking skills keep you from the neighborhood party—or better yet, throw a party yourself to meet the neighbors! Here’s wishing you a spooky good time.

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