BRG Advantages


Investment Advantages:

BRG Realty Group, LLC (BRG) is the largest owner and operator of apartment communities in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky market. BRG specializes in investing in existing multi-family projects in excess of 100 units and bringing its years of experience, relationships, and capabilities to enhance value and generate superior investment returns with less fundamental risk.

Each of our assets is held in a separate LLC. BRG invests at par with its investors, and its principals guarantee recourse debt, when necessary. Typical investors are high net worth individuals, family investment partnerships or investment advisory firm clients. Generally, BRG’s investors are repeat investors who commit to multiple investments (usually invest in 5% to 20% of each deal) and are willing to allocate in excess of $1,000,000 in total capital to this investment class. BRG and its principals tend to subscribe between 15% and 40% of each deal, and all investors are accredited. This structure promotes strong alignment of interest and is a critical part of our long-term success.

BRG has significant and successful experience executing both 1031 tax deferred exchange transactions as well as self preformed tenant-in-common transactions. This strategic in-house capability has greatly enhanced investor returns.

BRG’s portfolio has never experienced a loss of principal on any investment, and typically, cash on cash returns vary between 5% to 15%+ annually, and total returns over time have historically been in excess of 15% - 20% per annum. While our investment approach is long-term and illiquid, our investors have been very satisfied with our conservative management principles, strong financial position, and consistent long-term results.


Financial Advantages:

BRG Realty Group, LLC (BRG) creates significant financial advantages for its entities due to its scale in the marketplace, its long track record of success and its position as a full service investment and management firm. BRG’s financing capabilities allow for flexible debt placement often at better than market rates and terms. The scale of our platform locally allows for sub-market rent pricing advantages, higher collections of other income and better traffic and collection rates. In addition, our strong relationships over many years and our track record of very prompt payments have led to true vendor and contractor pricing advantages over our competitors. Due to the long-term commitment to our portfolio, which we believe contributes to better overall asset value and performance, we view our approach to be not the “low cost” operator, but instead the most “efficient” operator in the local marketplace. These advantages help lead to superior investment returns with less risk.


Risk Management:

BRG Realty Group, LLC (BRG) is acutely focused on risk management services that protect the asset, our investment and the management company. We conduct an extremely thorough due diligence process prior to acquisition for the purpose of identifying any material issues or areas of concern. As a large borrower in the permanent market, we often utilize favorable non-recourse financing on long-term deals that have been stabilized. In addition, BRG has the highest standards in managing our third party relationships, and in hiring its team members. Due to this professional approach, we have lasting third party relationships, and we enjoy very low rates of employee turnover compared to our peers. BRG has a comprehensive insurance program that protects the asset and with our overall portfolio size, our package pricing is better than industry norms. BRG also has a detailed incident reporting process that enables us to work very closely with our insurance agency and our providers to make sure that claims are managed vigorously for the benefit of our assets and our investors.