Wentworth Estates - “I just bought a place from here and the quality of service is great. They really took care of me and made sure I was accommodated and comfortable with making a fast decision. The garden homes are beautiful and vintage but not outdated. And for the price it is highly recommended if you want privacy” - Kenny R. on Google Plus

Deercross - “I just wanted to write you a short note, to let you know just how wonderful my time at Deercross has been. Things change and opportunities present themselves and so with a heavy heart I must say goodbye to you and the wonderful people at Deercross. I want to let you know how truly I appreciate the hard work you and your staff put forth in making this a great community to live in. Your office staff has always been helpful and responsive to anything I have asked or need it. The grounds always look neat and well cared for. I always felt this was my home and not just a place I was renting I hope I have been a good resident. One never knows what will happen but I do know if I ever find myself in need of a new home I will be calling Deercross, I hope I would be welcome...” - Joe 

Timber Ridge- “I moved to Timber Ridge from Philadelphia without seeing the place and instead having a family member visit for me. I was presently surprised when I moved in - the laminate floors are very nice, the layout is optimal for the space, the laundry room is two steps outside our front door and you can't beat the location and price of these apartments anywhere else. I think the best part for me has been coming from a tiny apartment in Philly with no storage to an  apartment that has 4 closet spaces, kitchen cabinet space and a bathroom vanity. I've only lived here for a month now but I haven't had any issues or noise complaints. I've already highly recommended the community to friends in the area.”

- Anonymous on Apartment Ratings

Knobs Pointe – “It has truly been our pleasure living here with you these years.  Your service as stewards of Knobs Point has been nothing short of outstanding.  Thank you to the office staff, as well as to your maintenance team.  As the card says, we wish you the best.” - Jason S. Personal letter to team at Knobs Pointe 

Northgate Crossing- “Lovely apartments. Just moved to Columbus and the area is very vibrant yet relaxing. The apartments are newer with spacious rooms and I love the high ceilings. It's also pretty quiet.” - Diane on Google Plus

Steeplechase – “My name is Patti B and I am currently a resident at Steeple Chase Apartments and have been on and off for several years. My reason for writing you today is to let you know how impressed I have been throughout the years with first Eric and then Lucy when she came on board. I have never addressed an issue with either one of them where it was not resolved in a timely manner, and to go a step further it is because of these two employee's that I chose to renew my lease. I feel that it is important to let you know how professional they are and how that they represent your company in a positive light. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.” – Person letter to team at Steeplechase

Knobs Pointe - “Honestly, my girlfriend and I had heard a lot of negative things about Knobs Pointe apartments coming into it. Between comments and some former residents, we weren't too sure about it. The people we had known to live there were residents years ago so it was nothing current and we decided to check it out. We had noticed while pulling into the place that there was nice landscaping done and we read a sign that said they were under new management. Danielle was the lady who showed us around a couple apartments. She was Awesome! A straight shooter and she really acted like she cared. We liked the place and have now been living here for a year. We just signed our second lease. The maintenance guys are awesome and super responsive and we really have no complaints except for the excess in wasps but we are right on the edge of a tree line. All in all we have a had a good experience! Its affordable with a nice pool and a view!” - Ashley S on Apartment Ratings


Crown Woodhills - “I been living here for some years and the two previous managers were very kind and very attentive to my needs. Some of the buildings need to be updated. I never had any real problems while living here. The two maintenance guys are very helpful and will go out their way to help you an anyway they can. Thanks a lot Tyler and Davey.” – anonymous on Apartment Ratings


Fox Run - “This is not just a place it is my home! I have lived at the Fox Run apartments for over a year now and just resigned my lease! The ladies In the office have been more than helpful and always finding a way to make my apartment a home! The men aka the maintenance men have had no problem fixing what needs to be fixed and being the most personable people! It is always a pleasure to talk to the staff at BRG I couldn't have asked for a better home!” - Bekha on Facebook


Barkley Ridge - “I have no complaints I'm completely satisfied it's very quiet peaceful I live in the Newport section of Barkley Ridge. Management is really awesome they're always helpful, and maintenance is always on time and completes everything accurately.” - Tom on Facebook


Deercross - “I feel very safe in my neighborhood, which is important as my boyfriend works late and it's often just me and my daughter. The staff is always attentive and helpful. I feel like even my minor maintenance is something they put on their to do list and make sure it's a top priority, or so it feels, and that's great they work so hard. I love being next door to Kroger especially avoiding the busy parking lot and walking. Only one complaint would be by the bus stop cars disregard rules and zip past it on occasion - but on the other hand there is a strong community that looks out for one another, so that complaint is only mild. This review is for Deercross in Blue Ash.” - Polly on Facebook


Eagle Crest - “I just got my key to Eagle Crest Apartments. I'm loving the layout and I'm feeling like this is home for a long time. From my first visit to the apartments Destiny was very friendly and welcoming. Just going through the process of everything with her made me feel like I was choosing the right place. The community is beautiful and the amenities are so worth it. I'm loving this place already!” - Wanikki on Facebook


Wentworth Estates -  I am very impressed with the staff here at Wentworth Estates. If I leave a message for the office, My call is answered in a very short time. When I had an emergency maintenance problem, at midnight, maintenance called back very quickly. He got here in less than a half hour, took care of the problem for the night, and had it completely fixed before I awoke later in the morning. At other complexes that are near, I never had an emergency maintenance call taken care of so promptly. I also appreciate that our dumpster's are never overloaded, and it is very clean and quiet outside. I am rather new here, but all of my neighbor's have been very friendly. – From Betty J. Hall on apartmentratings.com on Mar 30, 2016


Residences at Northgate Crossing - Kendra is wonderful. She answers all my questions in less than 24 hours. The nearby train is annoying but otherwise a pretty quiet area. The apartments look brand new. I would definitely recommend to friends and family. From Rachel C  on Google + on March 25th, 2016


Steeplechase - The property at Steeplechase has been a great transition from selling our home. We were very concerned about noise, privacy a security. After our first year we were happy to renew our lease knowing that the property is very quite and haven't had any security concerns. We have had to contact management because of small maintenance issues. The office staff...Lucy went above each time to follow thru to make sure we were happy with each concern's solution. When we had an issue with our garage closing it was so nice that Lucy and Eric treated us as if we were the only tenants....it was fixed asap without any hassles. We also have rented the clubhouse a couple times for different events and once again they went above to make sure everything was clean and ready. Its been a pleasure working with Lucy to insure the easy renewal process and and maintenance that has arose. The property is keep up year around from the beautiful flowers to the the snow removal. Lovely place to call HOME!!!!!!  - From Deborah Wallace on apartmentratings.com on Mar 24, 2016


Deercross - I love living at Deercross Apartments, the facility is so well kept, the area is right up the street from were I work and the staff are some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to rent from. I tell everyone about my experience living here and I even have a couple of friends who are thinking about moving in. If you are looking for a great place to stay in the Blue Ash area, start with Deercross Apartments, you wont be disappointed. – From jlc122788 on apartmentratings.com on Mar 4, 2016


Fox Run - After researching housing units in the area I chose to move into the Fox Run Apartments. The professionalism and personal interest I received from the office staff really made me feel comfortable. I did not feel like they just wanted to rent an apartment. I felt like they wanted me to be happy as a member of the community. The unit I selected needed a few tweaks before I moved in and all was done before my move-in date. So far, maintenance has proven to be reliable in not only keeping the apartment in good shape but also in keeping the complex access safe and the community appearance pleasing. Even though I hear my neighbors dogs running across the floor and someone or something jumping over my head, when I first try to relax at night, I'm glad I chose Fox Run Apts. My neighbors may also think I make too much noise, sometimes. I'm sure if it ever became a problem we would be adults and adjust the situation. I'm currently happy to be a member of the Fox Run community. – From anonymous on apartmentratings.com on Mar 2, 2016


BRG Apartments
7265 Kenwood Rd; Ste. 111
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